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The Woodland Trust has supplied over 400 trees to  Badgercote Allotment Project to provide a hedge around the allotments. They will be planted during May/June 2014 on a “tree planting weekend”.

Planning approval was granted by Rossendale Borough CouncilRossendale Borough  Council on 22nd April and the LVAA is preparing for a start on the site early in May or June The LVAA is awaiting the final details of the approval before starting work on the site. We hope to be up and running for most of the 2014 growing season.

The track leading to the allotment site need to be upgraded to allow vehicular access, particularly for plotholders with mobility difficulties. Funding has been secured to allow work to start shortly.

A priority for the LVAA will be to erect a sound fence around the allotment site. We are concerned about the safety of the allotmenteers, particularly the vulnerable. Since we have disabled members, children and other at risk members, the security fA4A Logoence remains our first priority. Funding is being sought from Awards for All England which is part of the Big Lottery Fund to allow work to start during 2014.

Great News! On Thusday 8th May we signed the lease with Rossendale Borough Council which gives us exclusive use of the site for the next 25 years. Once planning conditions are discharged, we will start work. Read the Full Story

On Saturday 28th June we plan to plan or first hedge on the wester perimiter of the allotments. Using the trees kindly provided by the Woodlan Trust, we will make a sart on this long term project. Anyone and everyone can join in and we’ll see how many tree we can plant in one day……. Read the Full Story

Success! A great turnout of willing workers ensured the planting of over 350 young trees in a records time of 90 minutes! Check out the full story and pics HERE.

BIG LOTTERY FUNDING FOR ALLOTMENT PROJECT                      The Limey Valley Allotment Association (LVAA) is celebrating the award of a £10,000 grant by the Big Lottery Fund.                                  The money will allow the construction of a 300 metre long perimeter fence to enclose the allotments which, besides offering security, will encourage the growth of recently planted hedging and trees. These in turn will stabilise the land and provide not only a windbreak but also a habitat for local flora and fauna. Some of the grant will be set aside to provide solid tracks to allow disabled users to access their plots with ease. Read The Full Story



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