Time Line

2012 – The Limey Valley Allotment Association born

16 January 2013 – Plan of the site created

4 March 2013 – First Planning Application

2 October 2013 – Second Planning Application

8 March 2014 – Final Planning Application

8 May 2014 – Lease signed by LVRA, LVAA and RBC



Allotmenteers, get digging!

A dream was realised when, on Thursday May 8th, Limey Valley Residents Association and Rossendale Borough Council signed a lease whereby the Limey Valley Allotment Association will manage what is to be known as Badgercote Allotments on Burnley Road. The site lies immediately south of Loveclough Sports Pitch.

Robert Airey, RBC Legal Services; Derrick Bartlett-Smith, Chairman LVRA and Darryl Nugent, Chairman LVAA sign the lease

Soon after its establishment in June 2009, the Limey Valley Residents Association approached Rossendale Borough Council about the provision of allotments in its area of operation. A couple of suggestions proved fruitless before the Badgercote site was identified in the spring of 2012, following advice from Aled Thomas, then a member of the council’s Communities Team.

Derrick Bartlett-Smith celebrates the signing of the lease with Councillor Alyson Barnes, Leader of RBC and LCC County Councillor

The borough council proving sympathetic, the Limey Valley Allotments Association (LVAA) was set up in August of that year as a management group, charged with running the allotments, and applications were invited from potential allotment-holders, known in the jargon as “allotmenteers”. In the meantime, Aileen Moriarty of the Groundwork organisation drew up plans on behalf of the LVAA in November 2012 and the process of applying for a lease and the appropriate permissions was initiated.

Progress was slowed by a developer’s scheme to build 15 houses at BB4 8QY, a scheme which included the wholesale annexation of the LVAA’s plans for the Badgercote site. His plans having been twice rejected, however, the way was open for the lease to be signed and the physical work on the allotments to begin.

Darryl Nugent, Chairman of the LVAA, said: “The realisation of this project does enormous credit to all those involved. The enthusiasm of the allotmenteers has been matched by the determination of Rossendale Borough Council to see this community project through to completion. The association is extremely grateful to councillors Alyson Barnes and Dorothy Farrington who have backed the project from the start, and to the council’s officers whose support has been invaluable.”

Darryl singled out Planning Manager Stephen Stray for his unfailing advice, Communities Team member Alison Wilkins for her behind-the-scenes work and Robert Airey of Rossendale Borough Council’s Legal Services for his attention to both the principles and the details of the leasing arrangements. “Without their assistance,” said Darryl, “the whole process could have been much more fraught.” He added: “Whilst there has been the odd hiccup along the way, it is down to the council’s good offices that setting up the allotments has been achieved in a timescale which is a lot shorter than the national average; so well done Rossendale Borough Council!”

28 June 2014 – First phase of hedge planting


Work on the Badgercote Allotments is to start with a mammoth          session of tree planting.

Over 400 trees and shrubs, carefully selected to suit the site, have been supplied by the Woodland Trust to the Limey Valley Allotment Association which has just taken possession of its new Badgercote site on Burnley Road on a 25-year lease granted by Rossendale Borough Council.

Darryl Nugent, Chairman of the LVAA, said that whilst there remained some minor conditions to be fulfilled before allotmenteers could begin digging their own plots, planting a perimeter hedge would be the first communal activity in which plot-holders would engage. Darryl said: “The association’s bid for a lease included a commitment to providing an appropriate hedge to enclose the allotment site. We are making good on that undertaking as our first priority.”

The trees and bushes which are being planted will provide several practical and amenity benefits. Once matured, the hedging will provide a wind-break and help stabilise the top soil. It will have a positive visual impact as well as providing a new habitat for birds and wild flowers. “The LVAA is determined to go as far as possible to ensure that the environment is not only protected but – where possible – even improved,” said Darryl.

The work will be started on Saturday 28 June at 10.00am by many of the allotmenteers of the LVAA, together with other friends from the Limey Valley Residents Association. “All being well – and here’s hoping the weather will be kind! – we hope to have to have work completed in a few weeks,” said Darryl.


the tree planting event went ahead as planned.  We hoped to plant as many of our trees as possible and complete the remainder over the next few weeks.  On the day we were overwhelmed by the help.

Over 24 allotmenteers with their families and friends arrived, accompanied by local Councillor Dorothy Farrington and armed with spades and obligatory wellies.

The site had been prepared the day before by a good strimming and prior to the arrival of the crew, the hedgeline had been marked out with support canes.

The scene was a frenzy of activities and in just an hour and a half, we had around 350 feet of hedgrow planted – consisting of around 350 young trees. We can now boast that almost 50% of our hedge is now complete. It just remains to keep our eyes on the site to make sure the trees thrive. Check the pics below.

A big WELL DONE to all who helped!

26 August 2014 – £10,000 Lottery bid approved

16th November 2014 – Second Phase of Tree Planting